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Eric Watson
  Artist Statement

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Eric Watson

Post minimalist, expressionist, repetitionist. Watson, originally from San Francisco, California moved to New York City in 1996.  Painting and drawing from his basement apartment on 83rd and 1st he quickly melded into the downtown scene and joined Jack Light Gallery LES for his first group exhibition.

His work is featured in Elle Décor magazine Sept 2007 and New York Absolute Magazine Nov 2007

2013 3rd Annual LIC Arts Open Festival  

2010 Visual Vaudeville (group) Tribeca, NYC, TOAST  

White Box Galley (group show) LES, NYC Reis Studios

Sent a Public Works proposal to NYC Dept. of Cultural affairs.  The project called “Manhattan Apartment” which consists of four site-specific outdoor (sculptures and large assemblages) titled Bathe, Sleep, Rats and Laundry is available upon request.

The Coup Show (group) curated by Candice Magley, Weiss Pollack Galleries, NYC

The East Coast Red Bull Surf Group Show, Red Hook, Brooklyn 

The School of Visual Arts, (painting) teacher Mr. Ira Richer, NYC

Jack Light Gallery LES, NYC

Drawings and paintings:
Addressing societal hierarchy or Darwinian survival tis a rift on the daft didactic disciplines of the 21st Century.  Watson’s figures of big city men, runway models and rather dandy fellows, capture the plight.  As stated above, minimal, expressionistic, and repetitive in nature, Watson pushes the images to the forefront of the canvas minimizing background.  Garment bits sewn on the canvas and a laundry line or two complete the picture. 

  My current series is “Sunflower”.  I add found objects to represent the stem.

Text paintings:
Are just that, statements, scenarios and sayings at various squared angles allowing the painting to be hung in any direction.  All texts are Watson originals except scripture.  

Conceptual colorless paintings
I reduced the definition of “Art” into one word – “color” then rebelled against that definition and the colorless painting was conceived.  I added the brackets and titles.
Watson worked out of Ries Studios LIC from 2008 to 2011 but now currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  A comprehensive explanation of his work is available upon request.

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